Reasons to Buy Moosic Studio

NO Monthly Subscription Fees

Raise your hand if you like to pay a subscription fee EVERY month to manage your music studio. We've found that not many (if anyone) likes to pay a monthly subscription that amounts to hundreds of dollars each and every year. Wouldn't you like to spend that money on something else... maybe a new iPad?

Keeps Your Studio Organized

The beauty of Moosic Studio is that it keeps ALL your information in one place. Lesson schedule, student assignments, book library, student & parent information... ALL in one place. De-clutter your studio and get organized with Moosic Studio today!

Saves You Time During Lessons

Do you write assignments in multiple places? Maybe once in your student's folder or book and another in your journal? With Moosic Studio, you just enter assignments in one place and then print, email or share with popular 3rd party services like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Justifies Buying That iPad You Want

Whether you travel between studios or make house-calls to teach your student, you'll quickly come to appreciate having all the tools needed to manage your studio not only on the same device... but in ONE place.

Music Teachers Have Spoken!

‘The Moosic Studio app truly looks like a handy solution for the independent music teacher.’

from App Review: Moosic Studio

‘All in all I am VERY impressed with Moosic Studio and am looking forward to the updates to come. I think Carlos did a great job and I know teachers will enjoy using this app in their studio to simplify the business side of things.’

from Tech Tuesday: Moosic Studio App Review and Giveaway!

‘If you are teaching private lessons – Moosic Studio is going to be a huge asset to you.’ from iPads and Teaching Private Music Lessons – Can your life be better?

Just what I was looking for ★★★★ … This app definitely has the recipe needed for success: an original concept, great execution, and a developer with great ideas who is willing to listen to your ideas as well.


Moosic Studio Highlights


  • Integrates with iPad Address Book & Calendar
  • Manage your Waitlist with ease
  • Schedule multiple lessons and events for each of your students
  • Robust assignment support: multiple book assignments, sight-reading, online excercises, Circle of Fifths
  • Need to keep track of timed exercises? All Timed Exercises are saved for the student so you can see progress.
  • Capture Video or Audio during your student’s lessons within Moosic Studio!
  • Email or Print Assignments out for Students or Parents before your students leave your studio!
  • View your Students by: Status (active, waitlisted, inactive), Intrument (piano, voice, etc.), Skill Level, Age, Grade, School.

  • Moosic Studio creates Calendar events on your iPad when you generate a Lesson for a student. These events get synced to other Macs & iOS devices via iCloud
  • Keeping track of swapped lessons can be difficult and sometimes get over-looked. Once you swap lesson lessons in Moosic Studio, you can rest easy to always be prepared for the right student!
  • Organize your Music Library with ease. Once you organize your books or sheet music, you can effortlessly assign book assignments to your students.

  • Students can be scheduled for different types of lessons: recurring lessons or by the lesson.
  • Flat-fee or Per Lesson or Event Billing. Moosic Studio even supports families with mixed-fee scenarios.
  • Do you have some families with multiple students? Moosic Studio consolidates all charges for a particular family in one convenient invoice

Coming soon: Summer 2013!

  • Group siblings’ monthly fees into a single convenient invoice
  • Track: income, studio expenses, student expenses, income from outside the studio (church jobs, piano accompaniment gigs, etc.)
  • Send Invoices from within your iPad
  • Reconcile invoices when you get paid.
  • Capture check images
  • Get alerted when an invoice is over-due

But How Does it Compare?

Moosic Studio


Unlimited Students

Version 1.1

The Competition

$168 - $588

PER YEAR Based on # of Students

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